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Since 2009
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Swimming pools

During its work, our company has earned a reputation as one of the best in equipping water sports facilities.

AVK GmbH equips pools with professional equipment and inventory for swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming, diving and aqua fitness, as well as supplies and installs technological equipment for baths (stairs, racks, dividing beams, launch platforms, etc.), stands, specialized coverings for various zones of the pool, it equips additional zones of sports facilities, administrative rooms, locker rooms, halls and auxiliary halls.

We equip sports pools with Swiss Timing refereeing and timing systems, electronic scoreboards, video screens.

Many of our facilities are sports facilities of the highest international level, and the equipment installed on them is FINA and LEN certified.


Completed project in Azerbaijan

The company's specialists have completed the installation and customization of equipment in a sports complex in Ganja, Azerbaijan

Entry into new markets

AVK GmbH started entering the Middle East market

FSB 2023

FSB trade fair starts today in Cologne

Taking care of children

AVK GmbH helped with the purchase of sports equipment for the school