Swiss Timing The AVK group has become a member of IAKS
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Layouts for timing and scoring systems

AVK Group offers scoring and timing systems for the following sports:

— Swimming; — Volleyball; — Figure Skating;
— Water Polo; — Soccer; — Bobsleigh, Skeleton, Luge;
— Synchronized Swimming; — Handball; — Boxing, Wrestling, Judo;
— High Diving; — Cross country skiing; — Tennis;
— Track and Field; — Biathlon; — Equestrian sport;
— Cycling; — Ski Jumping; — Rowing;
— Ice Hockey; — Speed Skating; — Mountain Biking;
— Basketball; — Short-Track; — Speed Skiing.

AVK GmbH team got the qualitative strenghthening!

Welcome the new leader of the Baltic and Scandinavian development directions

Preparing for the FSB exhibition began

AVK GmbH will take part in FSB exhibition in November 2017 in Cologne, Germany.

Business meetings in Iran

Development in the new region

Almaty Arena, Almaty (Kazakhstan)

AVK GmbH made delivery, starting-up and adjustment of the refereeing and timing system produced by Swiss Timing.