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Supply and installation of sports and technological equipment, timing and refereeing systems, scoreboards, video screens

Official representative 'Swiss Timing' 'Seicom' 'Malmsten' 'Sportsystem'

Swiss Timing refereeing and scoring Systems

None of the sports facilities can be considered modern, meet the technical requirements of federations in sports and claim the right to conduct competitions of the highest level, without being technically equipped with a timing and scoring system.

Timing and refereeing systems solve the following tasks: collecting information from competing athletes, analyzing, processing, storing and visualizing results using printers, monitors, scoreboards, video screens.

Key components of Swiss Timing systems:

  • Information collection elements (start sensors, finish and intermediate cut-offs - starting gates, semaphores, targets, starting blocks, touchpads, photo finish);

  • Сhronometer or timer as a basic element of the entire system;

  • Managing computer with specialized software;

  • Communication lines, audio and visual signaling devices (including equipment for commentators).

  • Switching devices interface elements of the system;

  • Data display devices (scoreboards, shot clocks, video screens and walls, etc.).

Among all manufacturers of timekeeping systems, Swiss Timing is a recognized world leader who has been the official timekeeper of the International Olympic Committee for more than eighty years.

swiss timing

AVKGmbH, as an official representative of Swiss Timing, conducts a full cycle of work - the supply, installation and maintenance of Swiss Timing equipment in the territory of the former CIS countries.


Specialists of our company can:

  • Consult you on equipping sports facilities with Swiss Timing refereeing and timing systems and develop a project of its installation;

  • Supply, install and set-up the system, as well as electronic displays and video screens;

  • Train the personnel of the sports facility to work with the installed equipment;

  • Support the holding of competitions using Swiss Timing equipment.

The problem of selection, installation, operation and repair of timekeeping and refereeing equipment systems today is one of the most complex in terms of technical sports support. Therefore, when deciding on the purchasing of the Swiss Timing trademark system, contact specialists and do not neglect their advice based on knowledge and many years of experience.

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AVK GmbH is the official representative of Swiss Timing in the Union of Independent States.

AVK GmbH is the official representative of Swiss Timing in the Union of Independent States.

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