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Supply and installation of sports and technological equipment, timing and refereeing systems, scoreboards, video screens

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Start video system - certified by FISA / ICF

Start video system  - certified by  FISA / ICF AVPR1003

Article: AVPR1003

Made in: EU

The Start Video System is the recommended tool for evaluating events at the canoe-kayak and rowing start lines. Using a touch panel computer with a camera

installed at the start line, the Start Video System helps the starter judge in the recognition of any false starts.

Within a few seconds post-start, the starter judge can easily ensure compliance by the instant playback of the recorded start. By using the touch panel, the recording may be played forward or reverse, in slow motion or even frame-by-frame. This allows the starter judge to stop the race if necessary and warn or disqualify the relevant athlete(s).

The recordings are stored on a hard drive, ordered by heat number and marked as a good or false start. The system may also be used in VCR mode, which records the start line events continuously, just like a conventional video recorder.

[Technicals Features:]

  • Live recording of the start line with adjustable marker line
  • Immediate playback for false start evaluation
  • Distinct recordings by heat number
  • Compatible with the Automatic Starting System
  • Ability to capture single video frames
  • Helps the precise alignment of the Automatic Starting System during installation
  • VCR mode
  • Certified by  FISA / ICF

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Automatic Start System for canoe-kayak - certified by ICF Automatic Start System for canoe-kayak - certified by ICF

Made in: EU
Starting System is constructed from high quality, heavy—duty components, which make it resistant against stormy wind and extreme waves.
The System can be assembled quickly and can be transported on a trailer.
Operation parameters:
— Gate alignment accuracy on the Start line: within 5 mm
— Gate movement speed: 2,8 m / sec
— Gate submerging time: 0,1 sec
— Gate return to start position time: 5 sec
— Gate return position accuracy: 0,5 mm
— Maximum start frequnecy: 10 starts / minute

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