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Swimming pools

Supply and installation of sports and technological equipment, timing and refereeing systems, scoreboards, video screens

Official representative 'Swiss Timing' 'Seicom' 'Malmsten' 'Sportsystem'

Set of 4 shotclocks

Article: 3510.934

Dimensions: 716 x 1023 mm

Weight: 22kg

Power supply: 110-240 VAC

Horn: build in shot clock buzzer

Digits: 30cm LED (red) and 13.5cm LED (red) for tenth of seconds and 16 cm LED (amber) for game clock.

Approved by FIBA for competitions level 1&2

Manufacturer Swiss Timing (Switzerland)

Set of 4 transparent double-sided shot clocks (2 stanchions) with game clock and integrated backstop. Durable construction in glass. 

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Another sports equipment from category

FSTT Timer set FSTT Timer set

Article: 3510.901
Power supply: 24 VDC (110—230 VAC adapter included)
According to the FIBA rules
Manufacturer Swiss Timing (Switzerland)

OMEGA SATURN External Horn OMEGA SATURN External Horn

Article: 3400.786
Material: Steel / Plastic
Color: White
Dimensions: 310 x 230 x 130 mm
Weight: 3,9 kg
Power supply: 100 VA
Sound power: 113,4 dB (pneumatic horn)
Manufacturer Swiss Timing (Switzerland)

OMEGA SATURN 2.900 Shot cloks 1/10" single side OMEGA SATURN 2.900 Shot cloks 1/10" single side

Article: 3500.993.12
Dimensions: 680x600x92 mm.
Weight: 9 kg.
Power: 115/230 VAC.
Digits of 250 mm red LED and 150 mm amber LED for game clock.
Internal horn.
Certifications: FIBA level 1 & 2
Manufacturer Swiss Timing (Switzerland)

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