<p>AVK Group</p> <p>The AVK group has become a member of IAKS</p> Member of International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities
Since 2009
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Winter sports arenas

Our company equips ice arenas and tracks for cross country and biathlon with high-quality sports and technological equipment of European production. We supply and install hockey dashboards, protective coatings, specialized lockers, drying and grinding equipment, targets, soft boards for short track.

AVK GmbH supplies, assembles, installs and commissions refereeing and timing systems for figure skating, speed skating, bobsleigh, sledding, ski jumping, hockey, cross country, biathlon, short track in CIS.

The equipment supplied meets the technical requirements of international federations in sports.


Meeting of the Austrian-Turkmen Society

Management of AVK GmbH took part in the meeting of the Austrian-Turkmen Society

Participation in the exhibition "CAUCASUS: BUILDING&RECONSTRUCTION EXPO 2024"

AVK GmbH took part in the 20th international exhibition "CAUCASUS: BUILDING&RECONSTRUCTION EXPO 2024"

Round table with top officials of Turkmenistan

12.03. the company's management took part in the WKÖ round table with top officials of Turkmenistan

AVK GmbH moves to a new level

Since the beginning of 2024, AVK GmbH has reached a new development level