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Simulator Swim Ergometer

Article: AVVS1002

Size 260x71x81 cm, weight 35.5 kg. The size of the bench is 34x90 cm.

Necessary area for operation: 122х304 cm.

As standard:

- Shovels to simulate swimming -1 pair.

- Handles for strength exercises - 1 pair.

- Biokinetic block - 1 pc.

- Monitor Power Meter - 1 pc.

- Rear support column made of steel with anti-corrosion epoxy coating - 1 pc.

- Monorail made of aluminum profile, connecting the rear support post and the biokinetic block - 1 pc.

- Movable bench 34x90 cm with rollers - 1 pc.

- Rubber harness for bench return - 1 pc.

- Hardware kit

Made in: USA
The simulator, which features a biokinetic loading system, i.e. as the applied load increases, the inverse resistance increases.
This allows you to create a simulation of the load during the movements of the swimmer in the water.
The design of the ergometer improves the technique of stroke, significantly increases the endurance of the athlete. Allows you to perform more than 50 functional exercises.
The fastening system of the handles and propeller blades allows you to quickly and easily change them.
The electronic monitor reads speed, pace, maximum and constant stroke power, its length, distance and time. 7 load levels.
Testing of the right and left hands is carried out separately.
The development of an ideal technique of stroke and pace with the help of an audio signal.

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Swimmer simulator  Vasa SpaceSaver Ergometer Swimmer simulator Vasa SpaceSaver Ergometer

Article: AVVS1004
A swimming simulator needed to improve stroke technique, increase endurance and muscle strength of the upper body and arms
The compact design is attached to the wall (bench not included).
The kit includes:
— biokinetic block with fasteners
— blades and handles
— electronic sensor Power Meter

BIO SWIM BENCH for swim training BIO SWIM BENCH for swim training

Made in: EU

BIO METER for swim training BIO METER for swim training

Made in: EU

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