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Double Minitramp "Ultimate DMT 6x6" - FIG Certificated

Article: AVSP1009

Made in EU.

Compliance whith: FIG

Innovative 6x6-mm high-performance trampoline bed for a higher rebound.

Optimised immersion depth in the centre of the trampoline bed for more safety.

New frame covering – efficient, safe, long lasting with newly padded exit zone.

Dimensions and weight

Trampoline: 194x25x190 cm

Rolling stands (2 items), 70x21x118 cm (8.6 kg)

[Dimensions when stored on rolling stands (LxWxH):] 215x70x197 cm

Approx. 140 kg

Material: The frame consists of galvanised special steel (LxW: 350x190 cm) and has shock-absorbing and robust all-round padding. The feet are also made from galvanised special steel and have moveable, large bases. Struts increase the strength and stability of the minitramp when jumping. 4 mounted rubber plates protect the floor. The height and incline of the feet can be adjusted from 43-53 cm. The 292x292 cm trampoline bed consists of 6x6-mm nylon strands. 98 galvanised steel springs are used to tension the trampoline bed as well as 4 reinforced corner springs. The maximum immersion depth is 70 cm.

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Another sports equipment from category

Trampoline "Grand Master Super Special" Trampoline "Grand Master Super Special"

Article: AVSP1004
Made in EU.
Best suited to club sports, school sports and therapy use.
Trampoline bed made from 13—mm—wide nylon strands
Frame entirely covered by shock—absorbing padding.
With 1 pair of rolling stands
With 1 pair of rolling stands with lift
With 1 pair of Safe & Comfort rolling stands with lift
Dimensions and weight
Frame outer dimensions (LxW) 520x305 cm.
Weight: 220 kg.
Dimensions when stored
On rolling stands with lift (LxWxH) 334x80x220 cm or 197 cm when lowered.
On rolling stands (LxWxH) 321x80x220 cm.

"Universal" Additional Frame "Universal" Additional Frame

Article: AVSP1010
Compliance whith: FIG
Made in EU.
The additional frames with support mat the optimal level of of safety for training and competition.
The ideal addition to all Ultimate, Grand Master and Premium trampolines
Dimensions and weight
[Dimensions when assembled (LxWxH):] 265x185x115 cm (1 frame)
[Dimensions when stored (LxWxH):] 265x185x7 cm (1 frame)
Approx. 90 kg (1 pair)

Cover Mat "Competition" Cover Mat "Competition"

Article: AVSP1011
Made in EU.
When used with the extra frame, this cover mat offers the best safety standards for training and in competition.
Set consists of
2 cover mats
2 wedges
[Mat (LxWxH):] Approx. 300x200x20 cm
[Wedge (LxWxH):] Approx. 300x40x20 cm

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