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Lane Marking System for Rowing, Canoe-Kayak - certified by FISA and ICF

Article: AVPR1005

Made in: EU

Technicals Features:

- Always adopted to local circumstances by our skilled engineer staff

- Installation is simple, we optimize the underwater and shore works according to customer needs

- The course can be converterd within a few hours, which makes it possible to organize canoe-kayak and rowing races right after each other

- Compatible with the Polaritas Starting System

- Beside the "turn-key" delivery and installation, we provide full technical support, including the training of local staff and a wide range of after-sale services.

The lane marking system design and the logistical and practical details of the "change over" have been worked out by engineers. All components of the system are manufactured under the company's strict technical and quality controls. 

Lane Marking System technical and logistical advantages:

  • Remarkably fast transition betweeen canoe-kayak and rowing course configurations thanks to the PCOS (Polaritas Change Over System)
  • Changeover and start system installation can be done simultaneously
  • Optimal number of wires
  • Installation is possible with regular watercraft and minimal diver work
  • Wind- and flowproof design thanks to cross cables, which hold the strong longitudinal wires in place. The crosswires are installed according to our know-how and local weather conditions
  • Water level following wire design practically makes the system insensitive against the race course water level variations
  • Besides the lane marking buoys, the system includes all other race course marking materials required by rules, such as flag buoys and numbered buoys at the finish line
  • Corrosion proof materials ensure durability and long lifetime
  • Only a small number of tools and staff are required for operation and maintenance
  • Local repair is insured with most required spare parts and tools delivered with the system
  • Certified by FISA and ICF

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Automatic Start System for canoe-kayak - certified by ICF Automatic Start System for canoe-kayak - certified by ICF

Made in: EU
Starting System is constructed from high quality, heavy—duty components, which make it resistant against stormy wind and extreme waves.
The System can be assembled quickly and can be transported on a trailer.
Operation parameters:
— Gate alignment accuracy on the Start line: within 5 mm
— Gate movement speed: 2,8 m / sec
— Gate submerging time: 0,1 sec
— Gate return to start position time: 5 sec
— Gate return position accuracy: 0,5 mm
— Maximum start frequnecy: 10 starts / minute

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