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Discs Classic

Article: AVML1045
Material: polythene.
Sold per set of 2 pcs.
100 mm in diameter — the standard colors of red, yellow, white, blue, green and black. Other colors available upon special order. UV protected.
Normally there is a donut (sold separately) in between each disc.

Made in: EU
Each Malmsten Racing Lane Line is assembled with certain pattern of discs, with a unique flow through technology, and floats in order to reduce water turbulence.

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Another sports equipment from category

Life-saving Doll Dummy Life-saving Doll Dummy

Article: AVML1064
Measurements:1000 x 520 x 210 mm.
Made of plastic, polyethylene.
Color: Orange with black markings.
Weight (including two weights inside the back): 8.5 kg.

Life Guard Chair Life Guard Chair

Article: AVML1085
Material: Stainless steel 316. Plastic Seat
Fully assembled Lifeguard seat: 2180 mm high x 530 mm wide x 1710 mm deep.
Weight: 40 kg

Competitor Gold Lane Numbers for Racing Lanes Competitor Gold Lane Numbers for Racing Lanes

Article: AVML1002
Gold Lane Numbers for competition racing lanes, soft black and yellow foam with numbers on both sides with the Malmsten logo. Comes complete with 2 pairs of weights, to ensure a perfect placement of the lane number sign and a durable plastic clip to attach it onto the Gold disk Ø 150 mm.
Normal numbering series are blank /1 — 8 /blank side for a competition pool with 8 lanes and 9 racing lanes, which means that a total of 18 lane number signs are needed, if placed at both sides of the pool. When the championship is held on 10 lanes, with 11 racing lanes, it requires 22 number signs, and then usually there is a "0" and a "9" lane, in addition to lanes 1 to 8.

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