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Supply and installation of sports and technological equipment, timing and refereeing systems, scoreboards, video screens

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Professional basketball equipment

If you're designing a team sports hall you will face the task of selecting and supplying of basketball equipment for competition. Our specialists can help you to solve this problem: your basketball court will meet all the requirements of basketball federations.

AVK GmbH carries out consultations on selection of sports equipment and complete equipping of basketball and competition halls. By selecting and arranging of equipment our specialists first of all follow the existing project of the facility and the requirements of international standards. That applies both to technical and sports equipment.

Our professional teams are installing and mounting sports equipment onsite, laying floorings, connecting scoreboards and refereeing systems. We are train the staff of the stadium how to operate the delivered equipment. During the training the operating personnel is acquainted with the instruction manuals for the equipment.

Professional sporting equipment for basketball

AVK GmbH offers a wide range of professional sports equipment for basketball manufactured by leading global producers that meets all the requirements for international competitions and is certified by the International Basketball Federation – FIBA.

The list of professional equipment for basketball: basketball posts for training and competition, basketball backstops, basketball hoops, nets, protectors, posts for dribbling, cones, hurdles, bars, possession’s indicators, training equipment for competition halls.


Professional floorings for basketball approved by FIBA

AVK GmbH offers different floorings for team sports halls including floorings approved by FIBA (International Basketball Federation). The floorings are designed to international competitions in basketball of the highest level.


Electronic scoreboards for basketball approved by FIBA

We can’t imagine an up-to date sporting venue without electronic scoreboards or video displays for demonstration of promotional videos and other information in the competition hall.

The rules for installation of video equipment within the basketball competition halls:

  • providing optimal viewing for all spectators;
  • preventing or reducing the loss of seats (if scoreboards are installed on re-equipped objects);
  • placing the screens so that they would not be dangerous for spectators, the audience should not have access to them.

Installation of colour video modules for demonstration of promotional videos within the sporting arena will allow gaining additional profit from advertising to the budget of the sports facility.

Management program mounted in a basketball arena will raise the interest of fans in arena. This program allows to keep statistics for each player during the game displaying data on his technical and playing characteristics. AVK GmbH has a number of basketball scoreboard’s modifications.

Basketball electronic scoreboards: digital, symbolic or matrix, monochrome or full-colours scoreboards, video modules.


Technological equipment for basketball arenas

Comfort and safety are the most important aspects that must be taken into account when equipping areas situated next to playing field: seats for spectators, for commentators and press, for reserve and referees. The most convenient seats are presented in a wide range.

AVK GmbH as a qualified supplier of sports equipment selects the most rational decisions in equipping of facilities with this equipment.

The list of technological equipment for basketball arenas: tribunes and spectators’ seats of economy-, business-, VIP- and VVIP-class, complete seats for substitutes, referees, commentators and press, equipment for storage of accessories.

Equipment for changing rooms

Basketball arenas of international level must be equipped with a number of changing rooms: for players, referees, coaches and operational staff.

Necessary components of changing rooms are determined at the design stage of the facility taking into account technical regulations and standards as well as the rules of the competition. Besides the equipment of changing rooms should comply with sanitary and hygienic standards and with ergonomics and safety regulations. Such requirements define arrangement of lockers and completeness of the equipment.

The list of equipment for sports changing rooms: special seats and lockers for changing rooms, benches, hangers, slip-proof mats, massage tables, hair dryers, special refrigerators, tactical boards.

Additional equipment and furniture for basketball halls

Equipment of auxiliary rooms is determined at the design stage of the facility depending on the class of the object. Besides at the design stage it is possible to plan some business rooms on sports facilities such as rooms for offices, small conference rooms, restaurants, pools etc. These rooms allow sports facilities to earn profit even when there are no competitions held.

Additional equipment for gaming halls: equipment for medical and doping control rooms, swimming pool and warm-up halls, furniture for conference rooms, entrance halls, offices, executive offices, cafes and cloak rooms.


Results of the participation of AVK GmbH in the economic mission organized by the Austrian Foreign Trade Center in Almaty.

Results of the participation of AVK GmbH in the economic mission organized by the Austrian Foreign Trade Center in Almaty.

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