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Individual talks to Austrian trade diplomats during the Consulting Days in WKO Vienn

04.10.2018, Vienna, Austria

On 04/10/18 and 05/10/18 AVK GmbH had an intensive round of individual prior appointed meetings  with the Austrian trade diplomats from the Northern, Western and Southern Europe. The event was hosted in the marvelous interiors of the historic building of WKO Vienna (the Vienna City Economic Chamber) on Ringstrasse. AVK GmbH had a unique chance to get a latest first-hand update on the local markets, to discuss the past and upcoming projects & to get a number of very efficient hints from our old acquaintances and  new contacts from the Embassies and Consulates in Berlin, Brussels, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Bern, Milano, London, Dublin and other European cities.

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B2B meetings in Central Slovakia

AVK GmbH is in Slovakia again – this time in the central part of the country.

B2B meetings in Venice

Venice is beautiful not only during the summertime – rainy November adds its special flavour to the city’s melancholic atmosphere… AVK GmbH is back to Italy again – this time for the individual meetings with our Italian good friends.

Moscow region Forum

AVK GmbH participated in the bilateral forum between the public authorities of Moscow region and Austrian business circles.

B2G and B2B meetings

After our successful official visit to Bratislava in September 2018 as a member of the Austrian delegation headed by Vienna mayor, AVK GmbH is in Slovak capital again – this time for the individual meetings with the representatives of the local authorities and business community.