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Sports equipment for horse-racing at racecourses and equestrian sports facilities: timing and scoring systems

Three sided lap counter

Three sided lap counter

Article: three—sided—lap—counter

Manufacturer: Swiss Timing

Model: lap counter

Category: Refereeing and timing systems for a variety of racing events

Height with support : 1800 to 2500 mm
Digit height : 26 cm
Viewing distance : up to 130 m
Viewing angle : 110° by side
Power supply : 100—240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption : 150 VA (max.)
Data communication : RS422
Data connection : Tuchel 7 poles female
Operating temperature : —10 to +50°C
Storage temperature : —20 to +80°C
Relative humidity : 80% (non—condensing)
Bell fixing : 3x hooks, female thread