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Swimming pools

Supply and installation of sports and technological equipment, timing and refereeing systems, scoreboards, video screens

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Leg extension and leg curl

Leg extension and leg curl AVTJ3027

Article: AVTJ3027

Length: 1638 mm.

Width: 1070 mm.

Height: 1505 mm.

Weight: 175 kg.

Main frame: Steel tube of 120x50x2mm OVAL. and 100x50x2 mm.

Pictogram instructions included.
Label Warning signs and safety of use.
Needle selection of the weights of aluminum magnet to prevent falling when
performing the exercises and spiral wire to prevent their loss.
Cable traction weights: Steel in a 7x19 configuration with 3 +1 mm. in diameter and coated with polyamide to 4 mm. with a breaking strength of 560 K.
Pulleys: Made of polypropylene, double sealed bearings and precision ground to ensure long life of the cables, smooth movement and maximum durability.
Fairings: Cowl of the towers where the weights on ABS to improve the appearance and increase safety.
Safety: Machine manufactured under UNE-EN 957.1 and 957.2
Plates or weights, gauge steel, polyamide caps have a smoother operation and avoid noise in the exercise.
Load: 60 K. (plates or weights of 5 K.)
Seat and back: Made of high density foam (150) and a thickness of 4 cm. and upholstered with fireproof skay.
Support: Adjustable.
The grips are nonallergic and non-slip.
The leg rest is adjustable.
Painting: Metal parts undergo degreasing and phosphate tunnel, then passes through an electrostatic paint booth and painted with polyester powder paint. Passed through an oven for curing at 220°.
Made in EU.

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Another sports equipment from category

Dip/ Chin assist Dip/ Chin assist

Material: 3 mm reinforced steel
Dimensions: 130 x 144 x 218 cm
Color: Black, grey
Workload: 75 kg
Purpose: training

Rotary torso Rotary torso

Article: AVTJ3019
Length: 1300 mm.
Width: 1260 mm.
Height: 1505 mm.
Weight: 157 Kg
Main frame: Steel tube of 120x50x2mm OVAL. and 100x50x2 mm.

Pec fly Pec fly

Article: AVSA1079
Material: 3 mm steel chassis
Dimensions: 159x174x106 cm
Color: Black, grey
Purpose: training

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