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Swimming pools

Supply and installation of sports and technological equipment, timing and refereeing systems, scoreboards, video screens

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Multistation VII

Article: AVTJ3003

Main Frame: Oval steel tube of 120x50x2 mm. and 100x50x2 mm.

Pictogram instructions included. Label - Warning signs and safety.
- Cables: Steel, in a 7x19 +1 configuration with 3 mm. in diameter and coated polyamide to 4 mm. with a breaking strength of 560 K. (Test performed over 50,000 cycles with maximum loads of weight with no spoilage).
- Pulleys: Made of polypropylene with double sealed bearings and grinding pressure to ensure a long life of the cables, smooth movement and maximum durability.
- Fairing: With ABS housings where the weights are placed to improve appearance and increase security.
- Plate weights: Of cast iron, lead polyamide plain smoother operation and avoid noise in the performance of exercise.
- Bars Guides: Solid steel, cold rolled, fixed with silentblock to isolate the vibrations could be transmitted to the main racks.
- Seat and back: Made with high density foam (150) and with a thickness of 4 cm., Upholstered with high quality leatherette fireproof. The backs of the machines are anatomical.
- Help or extractor levers: Vertical Press On the machine, he has incorporated a lever to help the beginning and end of the exercises, with buffer to prevent it from hitting the legs of the users in case of an erroneous exercise performance . In the Press Horizontal machine has been incorporated into a hydraulic system for the start of exercise can be performed effortlessly and safely.
- Supports and platforms where you place your feet are covered with sheet aluminum "diamond" of 1.5 / 2 mm. thick.
- The grips are made of neoprene, hypoallergenic and non-slip.
- Painting: first metal parts are passed through a tunnel of degreasing and phosphating order to go on electrostatic paint booth. Painted with polyester powder coating and baked at 220 °

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Another sports equipment from category

5 Station pulley cross over 5 Station pulley cross over

Article: AVTJ3010
Long. 4689 mm.
Wide. 2276 mm.
Height: 2335 mm.
Weight: 770 Kg
Main frame: Steel tube of 120x50x2mm OVAL. and 100x50x2 mm.

3 Station pulley 3 Station pulley

Article: AVTJ3012
Length: 2298 mm.
Width: 1928 mm.
Height: 2235 mm.
Weight: 245 Kg
Main frame: Steel tube of 120x50x2mm OVAL. and 100x50x2 mm.

Rotary torso Rotary torso

Article: AVTJ3019
Length: 1300 mm.
Width: 1260 mm.
Height: 1505 mm.
Weight: 157 Kg
Main frame: Steel tube of 120x50x2mm OVAL. and 100x50x2 mm.

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