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Sports floor Flex-Panel Parquet 36 - FIBA certified

Article: AVSL1009

Made in: EU

Compliance with:FIBA certified

Technical description:

Top layer: 3.6 mm parquet wear layer.

Wood species: oak and hard maple.

Varnish colors: upon request.

Middle layer: 15 mm special plywood in accordance with EN 13986 - EN 636-2S.

Interlocking: Patented ® aluminium interlocking system.

Elastic layer: 18 mm PU Composite Foam (loose-lay installation).

Vapour Barrier Membrane: 200 µ PE film, loose-lay installation, overlapping by about 10 cm.

Total thickness: approx. 37 mm.

Module size: 2467 x 590 mm (1,45 m2 per module)

Weight: approx. 23 kg per module / approx. 16 kg per m².

Flex Panel 36 Parquet is a permanent parquet sports flooring which provides several advantages: The high precision double tongue-and-groove panel junction ensures fast and easy installation while the seamless top layer of each panel is factory sealed and therefore ready to use immediately after installation.

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Sport floor series 1003 - FIBA certified Sport floor series 1003 - FIBA certified

Material: Solid wood Hevea
Dimensions: Thickness parquet element: 14 mm
Total thickness 41 mm.
Purpose: Training activitites
Ideal solution for both school and multi—sport gyms; quality and durability are granted by a great solid wood

Sport floor series 1007 Sport floor series 1007

Material: Solid wood Hevea
Dimensions: Thickness parquet element: 22 mm
Total thickness 61 mm.
Purpose: Competition, Training activitites
Compliance with: FIBA certified
Parquet floor for multipurpose gyms, a very robust solution, the double layer plywood is a guarantee of stability and durability.

Sport floor series 1001 Sport floor series 1001

Material: Solid wood Hevea
Dimensions: Thickness parquet element: 22 mm
Total thickness 37 mm.
Purpose: Training
Additional: Basic sports floor to approach solid wood; this system in particular is really simple because of its easy carrying out.

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