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Swimming pools

Supply and installation of sports and technological equipment, timing and refereeing systems, scoreboards, video screens

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Flooring for tennis courts Bolltex Elite

Article: AVNR1006

Made in: EU

Bolltex Elite absorbs noise and keeps the sound level in the hall at a comfortable level. The floor is soft and, consequently, gentle on the body. If your club attracts leisure and young players, Bolltex Elite is the natural choice.

Choose form several different colour combinations to give your hall that special look. Bolltex Elite is extremely durable and retains its playing properties for many years. The flooring is easy to clean and vacuum to keep it looking fresh. Bolltex Elite comes in wide rolls which leave fewer joints and speeds up the installation process. Also available as a portable tennis floor.

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Another sports equipment from category

Vinyl flooring series 1230 Vinyl flooring series 1230

Made in: EU
[Material: Glass fibre reinforcment, closed—cell foam.
Dimensions: Thickness: 6 mm
Weight: 3,5 kg/m2
Roll length: 15 m
Roll width: 2 m
Colour: Orange, yellow, green, blue, nature ash.

Rubber flooring  series 4040, 6mm Rubber flooring series 4040, 6mm

Made in: EU
Material: PUR bonded rubber crumb and EPDM granulate.
Base layer: PUR—bonded reclaimed rubber granules.
Dimensions: Roll—width : 1,250
Roll—lengths: 24 m
Thickness: 6 mm
Colour: red, green, blue, yellow.

Vinyl flooring series 1110 - FIBA/IHF/BWF Vinyl flooring series 1110 - FIBA/IHF/BWF

Made in: EU
Material: Glass fibre reinforcment, combined double—foam backing.
Dimensions: Thickness: 6,7 mm
Weight: 3,8 kg/m2
Roll length: 15 m
Roll width: 2 m
Colour: Blue, green, grey, red, orange, beige and differet wooden variations.
Purpose: Training activitites
Compliance with: FIBA, IHF, BWF.

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