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Referees' Structure Catwalk

Article: AVML1038

Total length: 32 m + stairs = 33,6 m
Height: 700 mm Width: 1000 mm Length/Section: 2000 mm.
2 short steps at each end (2 x 0,5 m steps of 200 and 400 mm).
Solid, water proof, with anti—slip cover
Official product for LEN and FINA

 Made in: EU
The catwalk has the length of the field of play for water polo, and is 1 meter wide and 70 cm in height. It is an easy hook-on system.
The catwalk has the color markings of the field of play. The color-coded matting is an easy roll-out carpet according to FINA revised rule, effective March 2019, and comes with an add on to inter-change between field of play men and women.
 Easy hook-on system

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Another sports equipment from category

Lockable cart for Stop Net Lockable cart for Stop Net

Article: AVML1082
Height of cart is 2,5m.
Height of net is 2,5m.
Length of wire and net 27m
Made in stainless steel painted for added protection.

Goal Line Goal Line

Discs: Ø 100 mm (4")
Technical: Official FINA Field Lines for WP, in accordance with FINA regulation

Water Polo stop-net Water Polo stop-net

Article: AVML1079
Water Polo stop—net which can be delivered in custom made sizes.

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