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Swimming pools

Supply and installation of sports and technological equipment, timing and refereeing systems, scoreboards, video screens

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Judo Mats - IJF approved

Article: AVFD1017

Made in: EU


Top: rice-straw imprinted PVC.

Mat core: ultra light combination from PE-foam and PU-foam.

Bottom surface: rubberized, anti-skid waffle quality.


-1 x 1 m or 2 x 1 m.

-three different thicknesses: 40 mm, 50 mm or 60 mm.

-three different unit weights: RG 200 (soft), RG 240 (medium) or RG 270 (hard).

Colors: green, red, blue, dark blue, yellow, gray, black, orange, light green or sand.

Purpose: Training and competition on highest level.

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Another sports equipment from category

Training Dummy Pro Training Dummy Pro

Made in: EU
Use: for the daily master workout
designed for mostly upper body drills and throws
to practice slamming, turning, and lifting etc.
Technical data:
cover made of finest cowhide (4 – 6 mm) filling cotton and sand double—stitched, all main seams include safeguarding with integrated core of fibreglass, therefore dimensionally stable even after years.
Please note the following: Traingdummies from the Pro series are made of leather that is chosen because of it´s quality. Dummies from the Pro series are colored differently.
Since this item is unique and intricately crafted by hand, this may entail slight dimensional and/or weight variations.

Tatami judo mat. IJF approved. Tatami judo mat. IJF approved.

Agglomerated foam inside, vinyl covered surface, anti slipping base, density 250 kg/mc, dimensions 200x100x4 cm. IJF approved. Made in EU.

Training Dummy Synthetic Training Dummy Synthetic

Made in: EU
Use: amateur sport, training of children and adolescents for all combat sports. for the exercise of throwing and turning movements, clamping methods and boxing blows.
Technical data:
cover made of extremely sturdy and durable vinyl stain—resistant black color, properly and permanently sewn, mono—stitched, seams not coverd filling cotton and sand.

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