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Preparing for the FSB exhibition began


This week AVK GmbH has started to prepare for the FSB exhibition, which will be held in November 2017 in Cologne, Germany.

We have already chosen a very good place for the stand in the pavilion. All AVK GmbH managers are involved in the preparation for this event. We would like to talk about our facilities and activities, about the expansion of geography of our business for 8 years and our success. We want to make our show bright, fascinating and memorable.

Our specialists have developed a plan of events and preparation of scenery. Even the approximate prototype of show turns out to be very rich, informative and classy.

We hope for positive results of the work and of course, we expect to meet you in November 2017 in Cologne!


Lots of work after FSB 2017 exhibition

We started to communicate with those with whom met during the exhibition

The third day of the FSB exhibition 2017 ended

It was no less eventful than the previous ones!

More than 50 meetings during the 2nd day of FSB

The second day of the exhibition FSB 2017 was even more intense than the first one.

Starting of FSB 2017 exhibition

AVK GmbH team is ready to start!