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Austrian delegation to the Construction congress in Italy

11.10.2018, Padua, Italy

On the 11th and 12th of October AVK GmbH went to Padua city in Italy as a member of the Austrian delegation to participate in the Construction Congress. The trip was organized by the Austrian Economic Chamber (WKO). The gorgeous historical interiors of Villa Contarini, the largest villa in Italy, became a venue to host around 100 CEOs of the Italian construction companies and architectural bureaus who came to Padua in order to discuss the cooperation possibilities with the Austrian guests. AVK GmbH took part in a plenary session, actively interacted during the legal round-table devoted to the formal side of cooperation with the Italian counterparts and had a serie of B2B meetings with the representatives of the Italian side. After the official agenda of the Forum was over, AVK GmbH held individual negotiations to the Head of the Regional Association of the Construction companies. On the margins of the Forum Austrian delegation paid visits to a number of the local companies from the construction sphere.

That’s not a secret that Italians start to play football sometimes even earlier than they learn to walk! That’s why AVK GmbH received super positive and very emotional feedback from the local side. Even when the companies have nothing to do with the sports in terms of official business, their top management either support (or even own) the local football clubs or are just about to start doing that. Italy, with its historical traditions of sports and passion for football is definitely the right country for huge and smaller-sized projects related to the sphere of sports facilities’ construction and equipping. Moreover the logistics between Italy and Austria is very comfortable and easy-to-organize (e.g. only 6 hours drive between Padua and Vienna where our main warehouses are located). 

We returned back to a Vienna with a new phrase into our Italian vocabulary: “In bocca al lupo!”. It means “Into the mouth of the wolf” and nowadays is commonly used in Italy as a sincere wish of good luck. The standard response is “Crepi il lupo!” ("may the wolf die") or, more commonly, simply “Crepi!” ("may it die"). Its use originated from the Italian hunters in the past.

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Swedish manufacturer Malmsten AB

One of the main AVK GmbH partners in the field of equipment for sports pools is the famous Swedish manufacturer Malmsten AB.

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