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Visit to Bratislava with Vienna Mayor

12.09.2018, Bratislava, Slovakia

Did you know that Bratislava and Vienna are the closest capitals in the world, separated by only 66 kilometres? In the past, the two capitals were connected by a tram line. The 70-km long electrified tram route was launched in 1914 and operated until after the Second World War. In 1948 with the rise of the Iron Curtain, the connection closed. Nowadays these twin cities are connected by the river Danube and a highway, as well as by frequent bus and train connections.

Previously Slovakia and Austria were parts of the same country, the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Changing the frontiers of both countries and weathering two world wars and 40 years of communism has not succeeded in erasing the common heritage that makes the Bratislava of today. Bratislava, for much of its history, was a three-language town. Its citizens spoke Slovak, Hungarian and German. Actually, the current name of the Slovak capital is less then a hundred years old as it only dates back to 1919. Prior to that, the city was known as Pressburg in German, Pozsony in Hungarian and Prešporok in Slovak. Bratislava has always been a very cosmopolitan city. Today, Bratislava still continues to offer the best from the region.

On 12th of September, 2018 AVK GmbH together with Vienna Mayor (Bürgermeister) Mr. Michael Ludwig and the Head of Vienna Economic Chamber Mr. Walter Ruck went to Bratislava in order to meet the local authorities and Slovak business community. The event was a true success – more than 200 participants, live discussions & passionate debates throughout the plenary sessions and friendly conversations during the evening reception. AVK GmbH would be honored to provide our assistance in the process of creating a fit and healthy nation to our Slovak neighbors.  We already started the preliminary negotiations on concrete projects with the local partners  – thanks to the kind support from Slovak federal and municipal authorities, the Embassy of the Republic of Slovakia  in Vienna and the Austrian Embassy in Bratislava.  

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Individual talks to Austrian trade diplomats during the Consulting Days in WKO Vienn

On 04/10/18 and 05/10/18 AVK GmbH had an intensive round of individual prior appointed meetings with the Austrian trade diplomats from the Northern, Western and Southern Europe.

Kazakhstan-Austria Business Forum in Vienna

On 28/09/2018 AVK GmbH took part in the Kazakhstan-Austria Business Forum in Vienna. During the Forum heads of the Austrian companies discussed with Kazakh partners the possibilities for the further cooperation strengthening between our states.

Forum “Sport. Tourism. Business – Outlook for the future”

On the 13th of September AVK GmbH went to Moscow, Russian Federation in order to participate in the international forum “Sports. Tourism. Business – Outlook for the future 2018” together with the Exhibition SportCity 2.0.

Visit to Bratislava with Vienna Mayor

On 12th of September, 2018 AVK GmbH together with Vienna Mayor (Bürgermeister) Mr. Michael Ludwig and the Head of Vienna Economic Chamber Mr. Walter Ruck went to Bratislava in order to meet the local authorities and Slovak business community.