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Forum “Sport. Tourism. Business – Outlook for the future”

13.09.2018, Moscow, Russia

On the 13th of September AVK GmbH went to Moscow, Russian Federation in order to participate in the international forum “Sports. Tourism. Business – Outlook for the future 2018” together with the Exhibition SportCity 2.0.  The event took place at Gostiny Dvor, right next to Moscow Kremlin. Forum was organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports, the Ministry of Economic development and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation ensuring the highest status of the event.

Pursuant to the Presidential Decree “About national goals and strategic development aims of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2024”, the mission of the forum is the dissemination of the touristic and sports potential of the Russian Federation and increase of the quantity of citizens regularly doing sports up to 55 % by 2024. International Forum “Sports. Tourism. Business – Outlook for the future 2018” heralded the end of FIFA World Cup 2018, with the speeches given by the members of the Organizing committee of the World Cup 2018, FIFA and participant cities. AVK GmbH contributed in outfitting two of the main host arenas of FIFA World Cup 2018 – St. Petersburg Stadium with the capacity of 67 000 people and Kazan Arena for 45 000 guests.

In 2018 Forum attracted more than 1 700 participants, including the members of the international sports associations (ESSMA, IAKS), representatives of federal and regional Russian authorities, heads of the largest sports facilities, experts in the spheres of IT and innovations in sports.

Forum business program was selected by SportB2B organizers taking into consideration relevant topics, practical cases and international management experience.  

AVK GmbH participated as a visitor. We had several very important B2B meetings with CEOs of engineering, construction companies and producers being involved in a market of sports facilities construction on the territory of the Russian Federation. AVK GmbH concluded a number of memorandums on cooperation with Russian partners and already started pro-active work in terms of realizing the potential co-projects.

We at AVK GmbH put our highest expectations into these mutually beneficial memorandums and we are looking forward to the further successful promotion of AVK GmbH brand on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Keep in touch – further good news from Russia will follow very soon!

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