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Wrestling SportsEdit

Manufacturer: Swiss Timing

Model: Wrestling SportsEdit

Category: Scoring and Timing Systems

The Wrestling Competition Management System Wrestling SportsEdit is the result of many
years of intensive research and development. Wrestling SportsEdit complies with the
international Wrestling regulations and the current FILA rules.

Some basic features include:

- Indicatio of Wrestling-specific data such as tree number, draw number, style, date,
weight category, wrestlers data
- List feature (configurable lists, i.e. some of the content can be adapted in accordance
with the individual needs)
- Complete set of lists; available immediately after the contest is finished
- Numerous parameter settings available (list layout etc.)

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Another sports equipment from category Arts facilities + Greco-roman wrestling, Arts facilities + Wrestling, Wrestling

Scoreboard for Wrestling L-TOP Scoreboard for Wrestling L-TOP

Made in: EU
Model: L—TOP
Category: Sports scoreboards

Modular Colour Display NOVA Modular Colour Display NOVA

Manufacturer: Swiss Timing
Model: NOVA
Category: video scoreboard
The scoreboard consists of modules and can be of different sizes
Use :Outdoor Indoor
Power consumption (max.) : 540 VA 504 VA
Power consumption (aver.) : 162 VA 151 VA
Weight : 34 kg 33 kg
Life expectancy : 70'000 hours
Common specifications:
Module size: 960 x 720 x 150 mm
Colour set: RGB, 68 billion colours, 12 bit/colour, refresh rate 240 Hz
Viewing angle: 60° (vertical); 140° (horizontal)
Operating temperature : +5 to +30°C
Storage temperature : —20 to +40°C
Protection : 54 / 65 (outdoor); 21 / 54 (indoor)

Scoreboard for Wrestling CLF Scoreboard for Wrestling CLF

Made in: EU
Model: CLF
Category: Sports scoreboards

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