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Stadium backless shell seats A4 , certificated FIBA

This equipment is no longer supplied. Please search through the catalog for analogues.

Article: stadium—backless—shell—seats—a4——certificated—fiba

Made in: EU

Model: A4

Category: Tribune, seats

Technicals Features:
Backless shell seat, ocuppies a minimal space, for conventional narrow tread bleachers and metallic bleachers (telescopic or dismountable).

Seat moulded by injection in stabilized high quality copolymer polypropylene. Shiny surface. Sealed around their entire perimeter to prevent dirt from accumulating inside the seats, and in turn making it easy to clean. Counts with central drainage.

Light resistance: Additive anti-UV, UNE EN 13200/4.

Resistance to severe public use (vandalism): UNE EN 12727:01- Adima certificates are available.

Fire resistant: As a general standard, all of the seats are produced with fire restriction additives, as required by the M-4 norm. We can produce them up to the M-2 norm.

Anchorage system: 2 lateral anchoring points. Ergonomical base. The base design allows the correct drainage of liquids.

Installation options:

- Directly on step.
- Floor mounted.
- Riser mounted.

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