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Swimming pools

Supply and installation of sports and technological equipment, timing and refereeing systems, scoreboards, video screens

Official representative 'Swiss Timing' 'Seicom' 'Malmsten' 'Sportsystem'

Scoring and Timing systems for synchro swimming - FINA Approved

Scoring and Timing systems for synchro swimming - FINA Approved

Article: STSY

Manufacturer: Swiss Timing (Switzerland)

Category: Scoring and Timing systems


- MTE judge’s portable terminal with competition handling software.

■ Lightweight, ergonomic housing

■ Easily understandable graphic user interface

■ Wide range wireless connecton

■ Up to 2 panels of 5 or 7 MTEs connected in series

- Scoreboard Calypso or Video LED display for synchro swimming

Sertifcates : FINA Approved

Judge's portable terminal MTE

Judge's portable terminal MTE

Article: 3474.915

Manufacturer: Swiss Timing (Switzerland)

Category: Refereeing and timing systems

Model:] MTE set of 15 wireless judge's keypad


Dimensions (excl. antenna): 220 x 115 x 95 mm

Weight (including battery): 480 g

Housing material : polyamide

Power supply: integrated battery. Battery autonomy: 12 hours @ 20°C

Display: 128 x 64 pixel, monochrome matrix LCD

Buzzer: yes, integrated

Wireless transmission protocol: ZigBee

Transmission range: 100 m (in open space)

Operating temperature: 0 to 50 °C

Certifications: FINA demand compliance

Trade marks