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Supply and installation of sports and technological equipment, timing and refereeing systems, scoreboards, video screens

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Net Cage 10m/7m "Ground Sockets"

Article: net—cage—10m7m—ground—sockets

Made in: Germany

Model: SH 21468

Category: Athletics equipment


These net cages are constructed as combination net cages for discus and hammer
(10 standards=9 fields, 2 doors).
We use official weather treated protection nets acc. DIN EN 1263—1 and IAAF.

Robust and durable construction made of double reinforced heavy duty extruded aluminium.
Two adjustable doors. All cantilevers and doors equipped with wheels.
Outer net sloping from 7,0m to 10m. With pulley system for raising and lowering the nets.
Comes with ground sockets and all necessary fittings.

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Shot Channel 15m Shot Channel 15m

Made in: Germany
Model: SH 40858
Category: Athletics equipment

Toe Board Fibreglass Toe Board Fibreglass

Made in: Germany
Model:SH 40264
SH 40265
Category: Athletics equipment

Discus Circle Discus Circle

Made in: Germany
Model: DI 60452
DI 60600
SH 21471
SH 21458
Category: Athletics equipment

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