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Hammer Handle Special IAAF


Made in: Germany

Model: SH 20000

Category: Athletics equipment

(width 130mm) Extra strong.
Series production with proofed and constant weight. Gauged.
Weight tolerance +— 2g.

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Another sports equipment from category Athletics arenas + Track and field, Stadiums + Track and field, School halls and playgrounds + Track and field, Track and field

Hammer Wire Hammer Wire

Made in: Germany
Category: Athletics equipment
Hammer Wire 78cm — SH 20002/078
Hammer Wire 95cm — SH 20002/095
Hammer Wire 96cm — SH 20002/096
Hammer Wire 97cm — SH 20002/097
Hammer Wire 98cm — SH 20002/098
Hammer Wire 99cm — SH 20002/099
Hammer Wire 100cm — SH 20002/100
Hammer Wire 101cm — SH 20002/101

Indoor Shot Indoor Shot

Made in: Germany
Model: SH 35250
SH 35300
SH 35400
SH 35500
SH 35600
SH 35726
Category: Athletics equipment

High Jump Crossbar Getra Fibreglass 3-Point High Jump Crossbar Getra Fibreglass 3-Point

Made in: Germany
Model: HJ 24400
Category: Athletics equipment

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