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Competition brass shot puts

This equipment is no longer supplied. Please search through the catalog for analogues.

Company: Polanik

Model: PK

Category: equipment for athletics

Technical Features:
PK—4/100—M — 4 kg, diameter 100 mm, IAAF certificate
PK—5/100—M — 5 kg, diameter 100 mm
PK—5/110—M — 5 kg, diameter 110 mm, IAAF certificate
PK—5,45/110—M — 5,45 kg, diameter 110 mm
PK—6/110—M — 6 kg, diameter 110 mm, IAAF certificate
PK—7,26/115—M — 7,26 kg, diameter 115 mm, IAAF certificate

brass, turned on whole surface, filled with special mixture of lead and fine shot, polished and covered with petroleum jelly.

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