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Bicycle ergometer E60R

This equipment is no longer supplied. Please search through the catalog for analogues.

Made in: Finland

Model: Е60R

Category: cardio

Intensive training but with respect for your muscles and joints. This recumbent bicycle is easy and
comfortable to mount and dismount. Extremely stable frame ensures safe exercise.
— T—Ride™ programmes offer a realistic simulation of cycling outdoors.
— Ultra low and wide instep. Easy and comfortable to mount and dismount.
— Robust hand grips for proper support.
— Perfect support with ventilated mesh back rest.

Technical details
Brake Electromagnet
Transmission ratio 1:9
Rotating mass 14 kg / 31 lbs
Power output 440 W / 100 rpm, 260 W / 60 rpm
Power supply Mains current
Transformer 26 V / 2.3 A
Width 70 cm / 28 inches
Lenght 171 cm / 67 inches
Height 117 cm / 46 inches
Total product weight 60 kg / 133 lbs
Maximum user weight 135 kg / 300 lbs
Ergometer true
EN-957 Class HA
Operating environment Home, Light commercial

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