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Athletics inventory cart for modular grid platform WSZG-30

Made in: EU

Model: WSZG—30

Category: Storage inventory for athletics

Technicals Features:
capacity 30 elements, durable galvanized steel construction, big load up to 400 kg, comfortable handle, universal platform 100 cm x 92,5 cm, wire netting container for linking feet

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Martial Arts Mats Carts Martial Arts Mats Carts

Made in: EU
Model: Puzzlecut
Category: Equipment for martial arts

Vaulting pole bag PVB-5-L Vaulting pole bag PVB-5-L

Made in: EU
Model: PVB—5—L
Category: Storage inventory

Hammer throw trolley, mobile on wheels Hammer throw trolley, mobile on wheels

Made in: EU
Model: S02422
Category: Main athletics equipment

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