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ABDOMINAL V40 for fitness centers

Article: abdominal—v40—for—fitness—centers

Made in: EU

Model: V40

Category: Strength equipment

Technicals Features:
Transmission: Steel cable 6 mm thick PVC covered with 900 kg of Looser resistance®.
Guides: solid steel and double chrome hardened.
Setting: Tube high strength steel (3 mm thick) laser cut for precision and welded by robotized process.
Filling: High density artificial leather, resistant, antibacterial and anti — allergic double padded surfaces on models with intensive perspiration.
painting process: 3 — layer coating. The steel has been pickled and phosphated coated and evenly, coincidently. Antioxidant to ensure life to painting Two final coats of epoxy powder paint pure polyester primer, drying at 240 ° C.

Process design: ergonomic and biomechanical study under our supervision APOs, tested by professional athletes. . After a long design process, from writing the sketch, engineering research, prototyping, test by professionals throughout the year athletes, our new line of products are marketed

Covers: Durable plastic and translucent high of 3 mm thick. Machine covers on both sides, according to EU rules, avoiding possible damage caused by contact with the plates.

Handles: Non - allergenic and non - slip neoprene finish solid aluminum.

Reme and supports: foam ergonomic high density (EVA) 65 mm thick with manual mechanism with bolt.

Platforms: Materials cover slip 6M, to ensure a safe contact, stroke limiter: . Different positions with angle indicator and numbering Pulleys: . Nylon inner bearing lever support : Balanced, releasing excess initial weight.

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