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Since 2009
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Swimming pools

Supply and installation of sports and technological equipment, timing and refereeing systems, scoreboards, video screens

Official representative 'Swiss Timing' 'Seicom' 'Malmsten' 'Sportsystem'

Functional trainer

Functional trainer AVSA1083

Article: AVSA1083

Material: 3 mm steel chassis

Dimensions: 145x152x220 cm

Color: Black, grey

Purpose: training

- Combining two machines in one: Multipower and Dual Motion (functional training).
- Two separate towers of vertically adjustable pulleys in 30 positions and Multipower bar.
- Adjustable double pulley system that allow exercises with complete freedom of movement, varying the position of the body while exercising.
- Work load variation system which allows a large range of movement on either side and perform them at high speed without loss of strength in any point of the trajectory (muscle strength workout).
- Upper handles for pulling exercises.
- Pull-up bar.
- Includes accessories to increase training options: individual handles, power belt, specific bat for golf and baseball exercises, handle rope and ankle.
- Workload: 75 kg per tower.
- OPTIONAL: Bench with quadriceps / hamstring extension.
- Made in EU.

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Another sports equipment from category

Multi-hip Multi-hip

Material: 3 mm reinforced steel
Dimensions: 116 x 92 x 157 cm
Color: Black, grey
Workload: 50 kg
Purpose: training

4x4 essence multifunction 4x4 essence multifunction

Material: 3 mm reinforced steel
Dimensions: 238 x 236 x 221 cm
Color: Black, grey
High pulley: 75 kg 5 kg plates.
Leg extension / Shoulder Press: 75 kg plates 5 kg.
Chest Press / Dorsal Rower: 75 kg 5 kg plates.
Adjustable Pulley: 50 kg 2.5 kg plates.
Purpose: training

Abductor Abductor

Article: AVTJ3029
Length: 1541 mm.
Wide. 1023 mm.
Height: 1505 mm.
Weight: 156 kg.
Main frame: Steel tube of 120x50x2mm OVAL. and 100x50x2 mm.

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