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Swimming pools

Supply and installation of sports and technological equipment, timing and refereeing systems, scoreboards, video screens

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Amdominal/ Lumbar

Article: AVSA1026

Material: 3 mm reinforced steel
Dimensions: 140 x 131 x 163 cm
Color: Black, grey
Workload: 150 kg
Purpose: training

- 200º polyester powder coating, black matt finishing.
- Transmission pulleys with ball bearings.
- High resistance power cable tensor built.
- Thermoformed weight-stack cover, aluminium effect.
- Tray for objects on the top.
- Antibacterial upholstery MRSA Standard, SANITIZED,
Fireproof M2 Standard, UNE 1021, absence of solvents and
noxious substances OEKO-TEX Standards.
- Red-trimmed upholstery.
- Adjustable shoulder rest.
- Non-slip rubber covered grips.
- Non-sliding footrest platform.
- Stainless steel plate guides.
- 10 kg weight plates with low friction bushings.
- Load selector with magnetic security system.
- Adjustable levelers.
- Descriptive pictogram of the exercise.
- QR code that provides link to instructional video.
- Made in EU.

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Another sports equipment from category

Lumbar Lumbar

Material: 3 mm reinforced steel
Dimensions: 110x100x157 cm
Color: Black, grey
Workload: 75 kg
Purpose: training

Abdominal Abdominal

Article: AVTJ3036
Length: 1277 mm.
Width: 1158 mm.
Height: 1505 mm.
Weight: 168 Kg
Main frame: Steel tube of 120x50x2mm OVAL. and 100x50x2 mm.

4x4 essence multifunction 4x4 essence multifunction

Material: 3 mm reinforced steel
Dimensions: 238 x 236 x 221 cm
Color: Black, grey
High pulley: 75 kg 5 kg plates.
Leg extension / Shoulder Press: 75 kg plates 5 kg.
Chest Press / Dorsal Rower: 75 kg 5 kg plates.
Adjustable Pulley: 50 kg 2.5 kg plates.
Purpose: training

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