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Ball release

Article: AVML1051
The ball release is used for the start of play of water polo matches. Retained on the half distance line, the ball is put into play when the ball release is submerged by pulling the rope from the side of the pool, allowing for fair and accurate starts every time. Manufactured from EVA foam, high density plastic and stainless steel, it is designed to hold both men and women water polo balls. In order to use this release system, two eyebolts need to be installed at the bottom of the pool.
Materials: EVA foam, high density plastic and stainless steel.

Made in: EU

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Another sports equipment from category

Carrier for balls Carrier for balls

Article: AVML1016
Water polo ball carrier Mikasa for up to 20 balls. Foldable when not in use.

Field Marking Matting Field Marking Matting

Article: AVML1039
Dimensions: 30 m x 0,8 m
1 unit is 3 sections:
1 x 18 m green with centre mark
2 x 4 m yellow with red fowl line
2 x 2 m red

Field Lane Line WP Upgrade Kit Field Lane Line WP Upgrade Kit

Article: AVML1003
Material: Polythene with UV protection.
Color: Yellow and Red
Kit includes:
21 Yellow and 4 Red Donut Floats
92 Yellow and 8 Red Classic Discs 100mm

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