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Member of International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities
Since 2009
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Swimming pools

Supply and installation of sports and technological equipment, timing and refereeing systems, scoreboards, video screens

Official representative 'Swiss Timing' 'Seicom' 'Malmsten' 'Sportsystem'

Basketball unit

Basketball unit AVHS2027

Article: AVHS2027

Single-upright construction, basket height 3050 mm, total overhang 1650 mm.

Construction made of 90×50 mm special aluminium alloy tubing. To prevent unit distorsion, the ground socket – total length 600 mm, insertion depth 450 mm – are provided with a cross-pin. Special wedges prevent wavering of upright in the ground socket. Additional cross beam from back board fixing to upright. Glass-fibre back board – measuring 180 × 105 cm – absolutely weatherproof, scratch- and impact-resistant finish. Made in EU.

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Another sports equipment from category

Multisport scoreboard 452 MF 7020-2 Multisport scoreboard 452 MF 7020-2

Dimensions: 4400 x 2500 x 90 mm
Weight : 176 Kg
Digit height : 25 and 30 cm
Distance of readability : 160 m
Angle of readability : 160°
Display : LEDs (SMD)
FIBA approved

Multisport scoreboard 452 ME 800 Multisport scoreboard 452 ME 800

Use : Indoor
Transmission : Radio (868 MHz) or cable
Readability : 60m, angle >160°
Dimensions : 1000 x 640 x 90mm
Weight : 14 kg
Power supply : 230V / 50—60Hz
Power consumed: 60 VA
Protection : Unbreakable mat polycarbonate front face (DIN 18032—3)
Integrated Horn : 116dB at 1m
Mains cable (supplied) : 5 m – Typ: 230V, 3G, 0.75 mm²

Modular floor for outdoor basket Modular floor for outdoor basket

Made of 25×25 cm polypropylene tiles UV resistant, easy to install and remove, useful for other different sports as well. Price at square mt. Made in EU.

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