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Suspended sunken landing pit

Article: AVGY1184

Color: gray


Minimum depth: 1.20 m.

This kind of pit has the following advantages:

- The design of this pit model enables it to be exited easily and without effort after use.

- Landing area visible: the top of the pit is raised 20 cm above the ground (FIG mats height).

- Pit edges are completely guarded, providing improved safety for gymnasts.

- Hygienic, reduced fire risk and easy to maintain.

- Provides phased shock absorption.

1- Cover fabric: stretch jersey, washable, class M1 fire rated.
2- Moulded PVC edge holds down jersey cover. Removable to make it easier to dismantle and tighten the cover.
3- Foam safety mat: very soft, shock absorbent polyurethane foam, thickness 20 cm (shock absorption phase 1).
4- Protective interface: distributes loads at pit edges, protects foam from concrete, bungee cords and hooks.
5- Support knot-free synthetic net (shock absorption phase 2).
6- Looped bungee cords: net-tensioning calibrated bungee cords. The use of several bungee cords makes the pit safe (in the event of breakage) and allows the cords to be changed easily (for maintenance or to re-tension the net).
7- Attachment hooks: custom-flattened shape, made from zinc coated steel.
8- Adjustable dip - compensating: this system, comprises nylon stretch straps and snap hooks.
Used to adjust the elasticity of the net and re-tension the pit.

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