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Swimming pools

Supply and installation of sports and technological equipment, timing and refereeing systems, scoreboards, video screens

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Armchair with folding of the seat Olympo

Article: AVAS1004

Made in: EU.

Material: Seat and backrest in a block of auto extinguishable cold cast polyurethane foam. Upholstering system by means of easily changeable covers with clips or Velcro for a cheaper maintaining.

Dimensions: Width — 520—600 mm, Depth — 680 mm, Height — 1030 mm.

Colour: White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Grey + customized colours.

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Another sports equipment from category

VIP armchair model My pleasure VIP armchair model My pleasure

Article: AVLS1003
Made in: EU
Color: White or on demand
Material: Pickled steel, polyethylene, polyurethane foam, artificial leather upholstery.
Width: 52/53/55cm
Height: 122,5cm
Depth: 40,5/44,5cm
Additional: 1 armrest for 2 seats.
Embroidered seat numbering on the seat,
Embroidered row numbering on first panel of the row, embroidered logo under request
LCD 7" monitor integrated on the headrest (only arrangement)

VIP armchair model Master victory VIP armchair model Master victory

Article: AVLS1005
Made in: EU
Color: On demand
Material: Painted steel, wooden closing panels, polyethylene, polyurethane foam, fabric/velvet in Trevira CS or artificial leather upholstery
Width: 55/60cm
Height: 109cm
Depth: 75/80cm
Between rows: 110cm
Additional: 1 armrest for 2 seats.
Rocker system for movable back.
Seat/Row numbering and logo embroidered.

VIP armchair model Bruselas VIP armchair model Bruselas

Made in: EU
Dimensions: Width — 520—550 mm, Depth — 700 mm.
Colour: White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue + customized colours.
For medium—high range VIP boxes.

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