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Fitness-center «Neptun» St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia

«Neptun» fitness-center is a non-network sports club, located in Saint-Petersbug in «Neptun» business-center.

Consist of:

- gym
- aerobics
- squash and tennis hall
- swimming pool and SPA

AVK GmbH performed:

- supply and installation of weight trainers;
- complex equipping of tennis hall (laying covering, supply and installation of equipment);
- supply of sports equipment for fitness, aquafitness, specialized training;
- swimming pool equipping;
- supply and installation of cardio trainers.

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AVK opens new markets!

The company made the first supply of equipment to Malta!

COVID-19 situation

Dear partners, we are doing our best to minimize the losses from the crisis caused by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Supply of professional sports equipment for track and field

AVK GmbH shipped professional competitive athletics equipment for the central stadium in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan.

The second stage of Taldykorgan supply

At the second stage AVK supplied seats for spectators for the pool in Taldykorgan.