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Flooring tiles Solkit

Article: flooring—tiles—solkit

Made in: EU

Model: Solkit

Category: Equipment for locker rooms, floorings

Technicals Features:
Meticulously produced using high—density virgin polyethylene, this top quality material allows us to offer a 10—year warranty under normal usage conditions. We offer two different options —either high—density PE (more rigid) or low—density PE (more flexible)— and a wide range of colours to address a host of different needs.

Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 2 cm.

Weight: 1.10 kg per tile


The tiles lock into each other thanks to hooks at each end to allow quick, straightforward assembly.

Surface design

On-slip openwork of 15 mm-diameter octagons to allow liquids to drain off.


4 tiles cover an area of 1 m2. Each cardboard pack contains 20 tiles, i.e. enough to cover 5 m2 of plastic flooring.


  • Temperature insulation. Prevents direct contact between the feet and the floor.
  • Protection from humidity and water. Prevents slippage due to water or oil, e.g. in bars, gyms, industrial workplaces, the nautical industry, fish farms, etc.
  • Load resistance of up to 10 MT/m2, which is equivalent to approximately 2,500 kilos of weight distributed over each tile.
  • Allows water to circulate freely thanks to the design of its support points.
  • Rot-proof and resistant to treatment with chemicals, such as detergents.
  • Easy to store.

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Flooring tiles Solkit Flooring tiles Solkit

Made in: EU
Model: Solkit
Category: Equipment for locker rooms, floorings

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