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Complex technique and performance measurement system DigiTrainer for Rowing, Canoe-Kayak, Dragonboat

Made in: EU

Model: DigiTrainer

Type: Trainers for rowers

DigiTrainer is a new innovative product incorporating the latest state—of—the—art technologies in order to measure performance and technique of kayak, canoe, and rowing athletes. It contains a GPS, heart rate monitor, and an accelerometer which can measure the movement of the boat in all directions. From the data collected, parameters such as stroke rate, stroke power, boat stability, speed, distance, and coresponding heart rate can easily be observed. Most of this information is also displayed in real time on the instrument, helping the athletes improve their technique and performance during training.

DigiTrainer displayed parameters:

  • Stopwatch 
  • Speed (km/h, mi/h, m/s) 
  • Distance (km, mi) 
  • Stroke rate (strokes/minute) 
  • Pace (per 500m, 1000m, 2000m) 
  • Heart rate (using a compatible Polar WearLink chest strap)
  • Auto start stopwatch on first stroke ​

New features in DigiTrainer 2.0:

  • Backlight 
  • Faster GPS (10Hz) 
  • Docking station for PC communication
  • Programmable training partner (can be created with TechniqueStudio software) 
  • All collected data is stored on the device memory during training (for further analysis with TechniqueStudio) 
  • Latest firmware can be updated through TechniqueStudio
  • Easy mounting on boat with mounting base 
  • Data transfer to PC via USB connection 
  • No external wires or sensors

TechniqueStudio features:

  • Synchronized speed, stroke rate, heart rate, acceleration graphs 
  • Observation of catch, power, and release phases on the acceleration chart 
  • Automatic report generation to help data analysis 
  • Training log (record date, athlete name, location in the database) 
  • Store comments with each training session (weather conditions, athlete's mental and physical status, etc.) 
  • Display momentary position on satellite-based map (internet connection required) 
  • Easily share recorded sessions by email 
  • Video recorded during training can be synchronized to the charts 
  • Create training partners with arbitrary speed characteristics (can also be generated from recorded data) 
  • Speed and stroke rate can exported to GoogleEarth 
  • Automatically updates to latest version from the internet

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