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Competitor Racing Lanes Standard

This equipment is no longer supplied. Please search through the catalog for analogues.

Company: Malmsten

Model: 14000

Category: Equipment for swimming and water polo

Technicals Features:
14000 — Competitor racing lane 16,66 m
Standard, Ø 100 mm complete with take—up reel and tension spring.
14010 — Competitor racing lane 25 m Standard.
Disc diameter of Ø 100 mm.
14020 — Competitor racing lane 33,33 m Standard.
Disc diameter of Ø 100 mm.
14030 — Competitor racing lane 50 m Standard.
Disc diameter of Ø 100 mm.
14040 — Made to Measure Competitor lane ropes, Standard, Ø 100 mm.
Can be manufactured in accordance with customer specifications as to length and colour combinations.

Even though you are not going to conduct an Olympic event, you can choose Olympic standard products for your racing lanes. Competitor has been the leader in racing lane technology from its introduction in the middle of the 1970´s. Since then Competitor has been the official racing lane at most Olympics, World Championships and European Championships. But Competitor is designed both for championships and daily use, reducing waves between the lanes for both work-out and daily exercise swimming.
This is something to remember when it´s time to buy new lanes.
Just be sure to get the original!

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