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Cardio machine MAGNETIC REC-CYCLING EM-7412

Made in: EU


Category: Cardio fitness

Technicals Features:
— Console with liquid crystals display;
— Magnetic brake system;
— Cardio recording: hand grip;
— Manual brake setting;
— 40—446 continuous Watts resistance;
— Console power supply: 3x1.5V batteries;
— Belt traction;
— Acoustic warning to the pressure of the keys.

Standard accessories:
- service equipment;
- Wheels for movement.

Console functions:
- Display with pulsations, rpm, time, distance and calories;
- Heart Rate, Exercise Time, Distance and Calories set up;

- not required.

Width : 50 cm
Lenght : 150 cm
Height : 120 cm
Weight : 100 kgs

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