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Basketball unit for Street basketball - acc. to EN 1270

Made in: EU

Cat.—no. 705: basket height 3050 mm
Cat.—no. 7051: basket height 2600 mm

Category: Equipment for basketball

Technicals Features:
This is a real alternative to the basketball practice unit of Cat.—no. 703 even considering the price.
The new back boards, also made of glass—fibre, together with the upright forming a knee give the unit an up—to—date design.
The upright is also made of special thick—walled aluminium square profiles 80x80 mm. This construction, however, is forming a knee and therefore has a total overhang of 650 mm.
The connection from basket to back board construction is execute acc. to CEN—Norm.

The basket height meets competition requirements. Special wedges prevent the equipment wavering in special stable ground sockets.
Easy and quick assembly. Glass fibre back boards of 100x75 cm, absolutely weatherproof, scratch— and impact—resistant finish.

Standard equipment: Natural bright aluminium finish.
Incl. back board mountings, back boards of glass—fibre with baskets coloured orange and nets coloured white, ground
sockets – insertion depth 500 mm – with covers and special wedges

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