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Basketball Portable Backstop Little SAM Pro

This equipment is no longer supplied. Please search through the catalog for analogues.

Company: Schelde Sports

Model: Little SAM Pro


Technicals Features:
Little SAM Pro with acrylic 180 x 105 cm backboard
Portable sidecourt unit,
• 155 cm projection;
• gravity— and spring—assisted set—up system;
• full—size 10 mm acrylic backboard 180 x 105 cm mounted on metal support frame;
• unidirectional breakaway ring;
• anti—whip net;
• blue safety padding to front, sides and backboard;
• floor connector set and floor hook inclusive;
• easy flip—down lower front panel lowers unit on wheels for transport.

Little SAM is an economical side—court unit or recreational competition goal. Little SAM PRO has a full—size see—thru acrylic backboard.

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