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Athletic Track Regupol AG

This equipment is no longer supplied. Please search through the catalog for analogues.

Article: athletic—track—regupol—ag


article: athletic—track—regupol—ag

Made in: Germany

Model: Regupol AG

Category: Athletics protective equipment

Technicals Features:
The base mat of Regupol® AG Athletic Track is a speciality of BSW. The prefabricated material is placed on site and and bonded to the subbase. The special composition of materials gurantees a uniform force reduction. Regupol® AG Athletic Track is thus a synthetic track and field surface of high quality.

1. Regupol® AG - Asphalt layer on sub-ballast
2. Regupol® AG - Application of adhesive
3. Regupol® AG - Coasting of the prefabricated base mat
4. Regupol® AG - Closing of the pores of the base mat
5. Regupol® AG - Application of liquid PUR coating
6. Regupol® AG - Wearing Surface consisting of EPDM granules