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Acoustic start device StartTime III

Manufacturer: Swiss Timing

Model: StartTime III

Category: Refereeing and timing systems for different races

Dimensions (main unit) : 376 x 215 x 195 mm (w/o connectors)
Dimensions (microphone) : 118 x 25 x 80 mm
Weight : 6.4 kg (without charger & mike)
Microphone cable length : 7 m
Connections : microphone, ARES, flash, speaker,
battery charger
Power supply : integrated 12V/7Ah lead—acid battery
Charger : included, indoor use only
Public adress speaker : up to 2 x 19 W output
Self—discharge time : 12 months if not in use
Battery indicator : 4 levels battery symbol
Battery autonomy : more than 1000 starts before recharge
Operating temperature : —10 to +65°C
Storage temperature : —20 to +65°C
Relative humidity : 20—80% (non—condensing)

This is the 3rd generation of STARTTIME, featuring a multifunction
LCD display and keypad for selection of the
various setup possibilities.
The compact design of STARTTIME III houses the public
address loudspeaker and the optical flash. STARTTIME
III should be positioned where the athletes can see the
flash. An additional external flash or chain of flashes can
be connected to the unit, and positioned where it is most
A chain of loudspeakers can be connected, to deliver the
start signal as close as possible to each athlete, so that
they all hear the start simultaneously.
The microphone unit enables the starter to give the start
signal and also amplifies verbal commands. The relative
volumes of the spoken command and the start signal are
controlled individually by menu commands, as well as all
controls and parameters.

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Another sports equipment from category Ice arenas + Skating, Pools + Swimming, Track and field

Button judge-timekeeper OIT3 Button judge-timekeeper OIT3

Manufacturer: Swiss Timing
Model: OIT3
Category: Refereeing and timing systems

Modular Colour Display NOVA Modular Colour Display NOVA

Manufacturer: Swiss Timing
Model: NOVA
Category: video scoreboard
The scoreboard consists of modules and can be of different sizes
Use :Outdoor Indoor
Power consumption (max.) : 540 VA 504 VA
Power consumption (aver.) : 162 VA 151 VA
Weight : 34 kg 33 kg
Life expectancy : 70'000 hours
Common specifications:
Module size: 960 x 720 x 150 mm
Colour set: RGB, 68 billion colours, 12 bit/colour, refresh rate 240 Hz
Viewing angle: 60° (vertical); 140° (horizontal)
Operating temperature : +5 to +30°C
Storage temperature : —20 to +40°C
Protection : 54 / 65 (outdoor); 21 / 54 (indoor)


Manufacturer: Swiss Timing
Category: Refereeing and timing systems
The board consists of modules and can be of different sizes.
Basic colour : Red or amber
Module size : 960 x 720 x 180 mm
Weight : 40 kg

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