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Junior soccer goals

Article: AVHS2003

Dimensions: 5x2 m. Mobile, freestanding, with welded mitres.

Mobile, freestanding. High stability and consequently durability by welded mitres of the crossbars, special fasteners in crossbar/ upright construction and fasteners additionally reinforced and welded in upright/ground spar construction as well as reinforced net hoops of stable aluminium tubes 40 mm diameter. The ground spars of stable square profile 80 × 80 mm are incorporated in the proved oval profile 120/100 mm. 1.50 m long ground spars guarantee a special strong execution. Crossbar/uprights matt silver anodised and ground frame of natural bright aluminium finish. Incl. net hoops of aluminium tube, diameter 40 mm, net hoop braces, Safety system net holders and ground frame, goal depth 1.50 m. The ground tubes can be displaced at a distance of 1 m, so that nets of a lower depth of 1 m will fit. Made in EU.

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Nets for standard soccer goals Nets for standard soccer goals

Made of polypropylene diameter 6 mm, depth 100/200 cm, knotless mesh 10×10 cm. Made in EU.

Street soccer goals Street soccer goals

Transportable, with aluminium cast corner joints, 3 × 1.60 m.

Junior soccer goals Junior soccer goals

Dimensions: 5x2 m. Mobile, freestanding, with welded mitres.

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